As of the 31st of January, I will cease to be a member of the European Parliament. I’m glad to say that my tenure in this job was very short-lived. Like my Brexit Party colleagues, I stood to give a voice to those who felt that Brexit was being betrayed by the established political parties. In June 2016, a majority of voters in the EU referendum voted to leave. I wanted to make sure we did so and no later than 31 October 2019. While that exit was delayed, the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 – and I’m delighted to have lost my job!

During my time in Brussels and Strasbourg, I did my utmost to represent my constituents’ interests, even though I recognised that the European Parliament is a relatively powerless institution that is designed to give a gloss of democratic accountability to a fundamentally undemocratic institution. In fact, my experience as an MEP brought home just how undemocratic the EU really is.

The past four years have shaken the UK’s political landscape. Now we need to look forward and figure out what kind of country we want to live in. I will do my utmost to enable those vital debates to happen.

I would personally like to not just thank my own personal staff both in Brussels and in the North west, but also all of the parliamentary service workers who enabled me to undertake my duties.

Going forward, I will now return to my role as the Director of the Academy of Ideas, the job that I love and have worked tirelessly to build for nearly twenty years. Even though I am withdrawing from front line politics, I still intend fight for the change politics for good mandate that inspired so many.

I will be leaving this site active as a museum to my duration as a member of the European Parliament, however, I will continue provide updates on my mirror site:


All the best,

Claire Fox