Comedy Unleashed at Conservative Party Conference, Manchester

London’s free-thinking comedy club, Comedy Unleashed, showcases comedians from all perspectives and politics. As a supporter of free speech, I’ve always been a fan of the club and its aims.

This year, they’ll be hosting pop-up gigs at both the Labour Conference in Brighton on Monday 23 September and, more relevantly for North West constituents, the Conservative Conference in Manchester on Monday 30 September.

Have we divided into political tribes and lost our sense of humour? Will Remainers and Leavers laugh at the same jokes about Brexit? Do we laugh loudest at jokes that confirm our beliefs? Will Tories laugh about Boris? And can Labour laugh about Corbyn? Are some jokes unacceptable? Can we only laugh at people who aren’t in the room?

The acts on show are Andrew Doyle, Ria Lina, Will Franken, Isa Bonachera, Joe Jacobs and Red Richardson.

Tickets are available here.