Comedy Unleashed at Conservative Party Conference, Manchester

London’s free-thinking comedy club, Comedy Unleashed, showcases comedians from all perspectives and politics. As a supporter of free speech, I’ve always been a fan of the club and its aims.

This year, they’ll be hosting pop-up gigs at both the Labour Conference in Brighton on Monday 23 September and, more relevantly for North West constituents, the Conservative Conference in Manchester on Monday 30 September.

Have we divided into political tribes and lost our sense of humour? Will Remainers and Leavers laugh at the same jokes about Brexit? Do we laugh loudest at jokes that confirm our beliefs? Will Tories laugh about Boris? And can Labour laugh about Corbyn? Are some jokes unacceptable? Can we only laugh at people who aren’t in the room?

The acts on show are Andrew Doyle, Ria Lina, Will Franken, Isa Bonachera, Joe Jacobs and Red Richardson.

Tickets are available here.

Claire on BBC Politics Live

Claire joined a panel including columnist and author Steve Richards, Sebastian Payne of the FT and Labour Against Private Schools organiser Holly Rigby to discuss the latest developments on Brexit. Claire expressed her frustration that despite the opposition parties demanding a general election for many months, they had decided to block an election now.

Claire Fox: leaked government papers are scaremongering

Claire Fox appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Labour peer and prominent Remain campaigner Andrew Adonis to respond to the leak of papers from ‘Operation Yellowhammer’, an internal government process to plan for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Claire argued that claims of medicine shortages, paralysis of trade and problems getting in and out of the UK were worst-case scenarios and that talk of ‘catastrophe’ was scaremongering.

Has this parliament a secret Verboten Word List?

In the European Parliament Thursday 18 July, Claire calls for a point of order to Mairead McGuinness asking if there is an approved list of ‘offensive’ banned words that are forbidden to be used. This comes after her fellow colleague, Louis Stedman-Bryce, was told that the word “rubbish” cannot be used. She claims that this would be disproportionate as some in the parliament were wearing garments with far more offensive words, and asked if she could be given a ‘Verboten word list’ in the name of fairness and free speech.