If the EU wants the moral authority to criticise Russia, it should clean its own house first

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday 19 December, Claire addressed the parliament on the issue of Russia’s foreign agent law. She argues that it is right Russia be criticised for curtailing journalists’ freedom, but points out that the tactic of labelling opponents as ‘foreign agents’ is one often utilised by the EU themselves. These tactics deflect genuine popular criticism and prevent reflection by scapegoating a foreign entity. She concludes by saying the EU should sort its own house first.

Explanation of vote: rejecting the new trans orthodoxy and why we need open debate

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday 18 December, Claire explains her decision to abstain on the motion surrounding LGBTI public discrimination because of the civil liberties and freedom of speech limitations. She is concerned the motion will criminalise debate surrounding the trans community, particularly when some of the biggest opponents of this new dogma are lesbians and feminists, as it forces women to deny their biology and their autonomy. Claire finishes by criticising the EU’s top-down imposition of this new orthodoxy on to members states.

The hypocrisy of the 10th anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday 18 December, Claire Fox discusses the EU’s commemorations of the 10th Anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty. She reflects on the events in the chamber and the self-congratulatory tone that many of the speeches took in relation to the anniversary, as well as the fact that many nations rejected the treaty, in its earlier guise as the EU Constitution, via referendums only to have it implemented through the back door. Claire praises the fact that finally, on the year of the 10th anniversary, the EU will have a referendum they are forced to respect – Brexit!

The Tories don’t have a divine right to Leavers’ votes

Claire was interviewed for Channel 4 News about whether the Brexit Party was potentially going to stop the Conservatives from getting a majority and prevent Brexit. As she pointed out, there are many areas in which Leave voters are unlikely to switch to the Tories. She also rejected claims that the Brexit Party is racist. In fact, she points out, the Brexit Party has put forward ‘hard-working decent democrats who are not racist at all’. In fact, the party has got more ethnic-minority candidates into the European Parliament than any other party.

Election night: Claire on France 24

Claire gave her initial reaction to the general election exit poll. She praised the electorate for reaffirming their desire to leave the European Union and defying the remain establishment. Claire also drew attention to the collapse of the Labour vote in the north, and the fact ordinary people deserted the party largely because of their failure to honour the referendum. Moving forward, Claire retained her reservations regarding Boris’s deal but was glad the referendum result was finally going to be honoured.

Cross Question with Iain Dale

Claire joined Iain Dale for his LBC show Cross Question (11 December 2019) alongside Alastair Campbell, Paul Mason and Sarah Vine to discuss the general election. Despite the guests all locking horns on issues such as the NHS, racism within British politics, and electoral reform, the debate was largely civil to the point at which Claire gave Alastair Campbell of a copy of her EU paid-for book Reclaiming Democracy – The Left Case for Sovereignty, to remind him what the left actually represents.

‘If the Tories win, it will be a sign of Brexit exhaustion’

Claire took part in a panel discussion for Al-Jazeera on who will win the general election. She noted that many people are prepared to hold their noses and vote for the Conservatives because they are tired of parliament blocking Brexit. But, she adds, this is a thoroughly unsatisfactory situation given that Boris Johnson’s negotiated Withdrawal Agreement is still a long way from a proper Brexit and that Johnson is regarded as untrustworthy.

Book launch: ‘Reclaim Democracy – The Left Case for Sovereignty’

Reclaiming Democracy

On 2 December, Claire took part in the launch of a new book with her fellow Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Neilsen. The book is a collection of essays which all examine why leaving the EU should be a left-wing cause. In her remarks, Claire condemned the ‘moral cowardice’ of the British left, which has long had a Eurosceptic tradition. Rather than take the opportunity of the EU referendum to make the case for leaving, the left turned on working-class Leavers, describing them as ignorant, racist or even fascist.

The event was organised by Leavers of Manchester and also featured Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, a Brexit Party candidate and academic, and former mine surface worker Steve Roberts.

To get a free copy of the book, email assistant@clairefoxmep.org.uk with your name and address.

Welsh (UK) election debate: respecting Welsh sovereignty

Claire joined Adam Bolton for the All Out Politics Welsh general election debate on Sky News, alongside representatives from the main parties in Wales. She profoundly criticised the remain parties, Labour in particular, for advocating a second referendum and demonising those who voted leave.

Claire also highlighted the problem of trust in modern politics and the fact that the two main parties have long taken their constituents for granted. She argues that it is imperative that politicians actually earn the trust of the electorate and remember that they are the servants of the people instead of lecturing them.

Buckley homecoming rally: the failure of the two main parties in Wales

Claire addressed her hometown of Buckley, North Wales, for a Brexit Party Rally on Monday 2 December. She recalls her fond memories growing up there, as well as her first experience of political betrayal at the hands of the Labour.

Claire lambasts the arrogance of the Labour party for their patronising treatment of the Welsh people, and the Conservatives for playing on Leave sentiment without any real enthusiasm for the cause. She finishes by calling on everybody in the room to go out and support their Brexit Party candidate to ensure the referendum is truly honoured.