This motion treats Europe and European history with disdain

In the European Parliament on Wednesday 20 September, Claire fox votes against the EU’s resolution for historical remembrance due to its revisionist attempts to tarnish historical facts and propagate the EU’s contemporary narrative. She claims that the motion is designed to make us feel ashamed of our European history whilst unremorsefully hijacking the horrors of the Holocaust (including omission of ‘Jews’ from the motion), and the fight against fascism, to push for more EU expansionism.

Claire concludes by paying tribute to the European Enlightenment in bringing forth the values we enjoy so dearly- highlighting the ideals of freedom of speech, national sovereignty and democracy as those of primary importance. She says the EU has forgotten these values, and that we should not allow the EU to change European history for their own political agenda.

A cynical abuse of the Second World War

In the European Parliament on Tuesday 19 September, Claire lays out her case against the cynical manipulation of historical Remembrance for clear political ends in oppose to supporting genuine commemoration. She accuses the EPP (European People’s Party) and Renew for using the historic remembrance to promote EU expansionism and federalism. She then focuses her attention onto the S&D for trivialising the fight against authoritarianism to promote illiberal and censorious regulations likely silence opponents and curtail free speech.

Claire then goes onto the pay tribute to the French and Jewish resistances’ and the many left-wing agitators who thought against fascism over Europe and says this act of bravery and courage is concrete proof that European solidarity is not an EU invention. She concludes by criticising the EU’s selective remembrance of the Second World War.

Claire on BBC Politics Live

Claire joined a panel including columnist and author Steve Richards, Sebastian Payne of the FT and Labour Against Private Schools organiser Holly Rigby to discuss the latest developments on Brexit. Claire expressed her frustration that despite the opposition parties demanding a general election for many months, they had decided to block an election now.

Has this parliament a secret Verboten Word List?

In the European Parliament Thursday 18 July, Claire calls for a point of order to Mairead McGuinness asking if there is an approved list of ‘offensive’ banned words that are forbidden to be used. This comes after her fellow colleague, Louis Stedman-Bryce, was told that the word “rubbish” cannot be used. She claims that this would be disproportionate as some in the parliament were wearing garments with far more offensive words, and asked if she could be given a ‘Verboten word list’ in the name of fairness and free speech.